Reader says President Trump apparently only person with ‘real news’

To the editor:

It seems hip these days to accuse news agencies of reporting “fake news.”

Apparently, our president is the only person with the “real news” and media outlets that report what he said as being factual are the only “unbiased” sources anymore.

Curiously, I’ve noticed the same people tempestuously spouting this rhetoric often regurgitate something they discovered from explicitly biased sources who publish disclaimers that their content may not be factual, as proof to support their benighted beliefs.

These are often radio talking heads, internet “news” blogs or politically biased cable news entertainment networks. Well, hey brother, living in isolation and sharing these pseudo news stories with people that share your same beliefs is as biased as it gets.

Claiming these beliefs to be factual while chastising real news agencies as being “fake” when outsiders question your beliefs is as unattractive as Rosie O’Donnell.