Reader says neighbors are like gold, encourages neighborly communication

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Abraham Lincoln wrote “litigation should be discouraged” by our neighbors. I have had relationships with neighbors that exceed those with family members. I have witnessed the generosity of those during natural disasters and life changing events.

I was stunned to learn that my Towne South Homeowners Association late fees grew nearly eightfold in a few months. There is no doubt that there should be penalties associated with late payments. Late payments create burdens and inconveniences. A $57 assessment fee was elevated to $432.09. The mountains of transportation charges, secretarial charges and filing fees only exemplify the ever growing tyrannical approach to governance.

I would discourage any future volunteers or members of a neighborhood association, school board, city council etc. from any ridiculous litigious actions in the future. I would advocate for other neighborly methods to communicate. If you haven’t yet learned, you will, that neighbors are like gold!

Steve Kirdy