Reader says Grantwood Village better off with Muraski’s departure

To the editor:

This is in response to Michael C. Wendl’s letter in the Aug. 18 Call.

The resignation of Richard Muraski is a real asset for Grantwood Village. In the several meetings I attended, in my opinion, Mr. Muraski was a belligerent, obstreperous do-nothing. The village is better off with Muraski gone.

Likewise, the other two recent resignations were good for the village. I believe one spent $23,000 on a losing proposition before the Boundary Commission and the other couldn’t keep the books accurately.

Resignations show a lack of commitment.

Cathy Forand is very hard working and has demonstrated a huge commitment to the village. After all these years, Cathy still takes phone calls and tries to be helpful to all. This board is the best in years; go to a meeting and see for yourself.

Paul Faust

Grantwood Village