Reader: Roads are too full of ‘NASCAR wannabes’ gunning engines


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Is Pardee/Grant Road becoming NASCAR?

Regarding the July 11 “Drag strip-style road noise” letter written by Thomas Welton of Concord, for quite awhile now I have been more than tempted to send my comments to someone …. about the same subject. It’s hard for me to believe the Crestwood police have not noticed the daily rumbling noise that those of us living close to Grant’s Farm have had to listen to.

From driving home from work and evening dinnertime, we the people are serenaded by the steady stream of NASCAR wannabes gunning their engines as they charge down Pardee Road and head up Grant Road. This goes on till late evening, only to begin again when the drivers head to work the next morning.

If Crestwood would like to add to the coffers, perhaps a police car or two should stop and sit in the entrance to Whitecliff Park and ticket the wannabes as they fly past.

And now they have freshly poured smooth concrete on Grant Road…. even more fun for racers.

Jane Zyk