Reader responds to ‘critical distortion’ of letter on high court rulings

To the editor:

I was not going to respond to Jim Kaznica’s critical distortion of my recent synopsis of the Supreme Court’s rulings on the “Unaffordable” Care Act and same-sex marriage, but was encouraged to by my merry band of Christian zealots.

First, Jim mentioned God and Jesus. They are the same Supreme being — Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, all the same. He mentioned punishment for homosexuals in Leviticus. It also mentioned incest, sexual liaisons with in-laws and animals, all forbidden then and now. The New Testament is a fulfillment of the Old Testament.

Romans 1:24-28, besides other places, condemns homosexual behavior. In the Gospel of Matthew 10:32-39, Jesus plainly says he did not come to create peace, but to bring division using our free will to make the right choices. Making same-sex marriage legal is in direct opposition to God.

By the Supreme Court legalizing this act, you are enabling those partaking in this and helping them defy God and destroying their souls.

Would you give a drug addict more drugs? Would you give a recovering alcoholic more liquor?

A nihilist oligarchy is behind all of this, as well as abortion.

Great steps have been taken to destroy the U.S. military and the Boy Scouts.

Further, unisex bathroom facilities na-tionwide are being initiated.

Marriage between a man and a woman is an established, culturally basic and even holy fundamental cornerstone of worldwide social order.

All of this is largely propagated by an evil international group of liberal-neo-Marxist ideologues venerating their litany of perverse agendas.

As far as billionaires buying elections, yes, George Soros put Barack Hussein Obama in the White House twice.

Repent and embrace the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mike “Grassroots” Povich