Reader offers deepest sympathies to Grantwood Village residents

To the editor:

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Jones’ feeling of political helplessness with regard to zoning issues.

In fact, I have felt that way for 35 years of living in Oakville. I don’t recall seeing strip malls, QTs, quick shops and fast food in Grantwood Village.

And if one were proposed, the County Council could not vote on the issue. Actually, we — unincorporated citizens — have no voice in most of the county development issues because of the 90-plus incorporated municipalities.

While our 6th District councilman has only one-seventh of the County Council vote on issues impacting the unincorporated county, the 6th District represents over 40 percent of the unincorporated county residents.

So Mr. Jones, Gravois will start looking like Lemay Ferry and Telegraph roads.

John J. Perulfi