Reader objects to IQ tests for voting, but maybe for letters to editor


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Bruce Korbesmeyer’s March 7 letter to The Call is a joke, right? He suggests requiring IQ tests for voters.

In the past few elections, I’ve had the privilege of voting for Democrat, Republican and independent party candidates. About half of those for whom I voted lost. I’m guessing Mr. K’s candidate lost too. I wonder if Mr. K believes only those who voted differently from him need an IQ test. After all, smart voters would vote the same as Mr. K, right? I assume he trusts his own voter IQ, but was he tested? Would he agree with the removal of his right to vote if someone or something decided he wasn’t fit?

Voter “stupidity” complaints have been around as long as I remember, suggested by those who are unhappy with election outcomes. Having one’s candidate lose is the chance one takes in a democracy.

Mr. K, get over it, accept it – as I do when my candidate loses – and vote at the next election, assuming you can pass an IQ test.

Alternatively, perhaps IQ tests are needed before letters can be submitted to the editor – or would that be a restriction of free speech?

D. Henrich
South County
Editor’s note: Mr. Henrich is the husband of Call Newspapers employee Diane Henrich.