Reader objects to idea private schools are so children aren’t ‘mixing’


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

This is in regard to Terry Bilheimer’s Oct 11 letter quoting, “Private schools exist so the wealthy and certain religious denominations don’t have to mix with the public and democratic ideas.”

My wife and I sent our six children to private schools even though neither we nor our friends whose children also attended private schools were close to being wealthy.

We sent them to private schools because we felt that sacrificing our money was worth getting a solid religious education.

Also, never did we once worry that if we hadn’t, our children would have to mix with the public – whatever that means.

Hopefully they were taught to love not only private school children but all children.

Also, just so we don’t forget, we pay taxes so our community can have strong public schools, which is good for everyone.

Many of us are not wealthy but believe it is worth sacrifice to send our children to strong academic and religious schools.

We did what we felt was best for our children, just as you are free to do the same for yours, without judgment.

Bob Horas