Reader hopes Green Park’s financial fortunes continue in light of road project

The city of Green Park ends its 2007 fiscal year $3.3 million in the black, according to a recent report in the Green Park Call.

A companion article about the city of Green Park quotes Green Park’s mayor, Tony Konopka, with regard to the reconstruction of Green Park Road.

Mayor Konopka said, “It’s still a go.”

I hope that the city will be as financially fortunate in the 2008 fiscal year and that none of the $3.3 million currently in the bank will be spent, because city officials are going to need $6.6 million and probably more to totally fund their ill-conceived road project.

Once again, the desires and concerns of city residents have fallen on the tin ears of city officials. However, the furtive whispers of self-serving vendors and developers are not only heard clearly by those same city officials, but acted upon as well.

Michael K. Broughton

Green Park