Reader hopes citizens study Nieder’s record

To the editor:

I read the handout provided by Mr. Steve Nieder to the residents of Ward 4.

Although it states he has two Labrador Retrievers, it suggests to me he is a supporter of our animal control program. He has, in fact, worked hard to encourage elimination of the animal control program. Crestwood is proud of its animal control program.

In my neighborhood, this program has been very valuable to pets and wild animals because we are close to the creek and Grant’s Farm. Several times it was necessary for animal control to deal with wild animals.

Our city is not rolling in money, but we are solvent and eliminating the program would have little or no effect on the financial position of the city. I believe it is a small group of uninformed individuals trying to eliminate the program while ignoring a large number of Crestwood residents who value and support this service.

Mr. Nieder states that he campaigned against the 2008 Prop 1 tax increase. However, he fails to mention he pushed the Board of Alderman and the mayor to place the proposal on the ballot, but at 35 cents instead of 20 cents. He then chose to campaign against it. Can you trust him?

How can he want to eliminate Prop S tax in 2010, when about a million dollars taken from other city funds were used to pay this off early and have not been replaced?

City employees work hard writing grants for moneys to repair streets, etc. Why does he oppose rebuilding the bridge to the rear of White Cliff Park — also known as the bridge to nowhere and condemned by the state in 2007? The grant to replace the bridge was approved by the BOA to make sure fire and police can again have access to this area. The state approved an 80/20 grant.

His flier is misleading. I hope citizens in Ward 4 study his record. Mr. Nieder talks about treating the citizens and businesses respectfully. If you have been to Board of Aldermen meetings or city meetings, you know his track record on being respectful.

Animals as well as citizens of Crestwood need his respect.

Virginia Borghesi