Reader does not agree with Beck and Democrats’ plan on insurance

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Doug Beck was elected to the Missouri Senate. His loyalty is to his Democrat Party’s bad medical insurance ideas.

If Doug Beck is allowed to continue representing “the people” as a Democrat, he will vote for policies toward banning all private medical, union plans and medicare insurance in America.

Democrats are spewing disinformation about America’s medical insurance. Your medical insurance plans, private or union, and all senior Medicare coverage will be in danger of elimination. Why?

1) Obamacare only insures 20 million people. Changing it to a better insurance plan only affects 20 million people. That’s what Republicans want to do.

2) Over 150 million people do not need Obamacare because they are covered by employer or union medical plans.

3) Unionized employees will lose their Cadillac medical plans — teachers, labor organizations, etc.

4) Democrat tactics are simple. Democrats scare the people by making you believe Obamacare is somehow needed by you, when in fact Obamacare is not needed by 150 million workers throughout America.

5) So, they will temporarily fight to keep Obamacare. But they will then replace it. Replace it. Replace it.

6) Replace it with “government public option medical insurance” for every American citizen.

7) The public option plan is “universal medical insurance for all.”

8) Every union medical plan will be gone. Why? Because every worker will choose the full coverage government plans. Technically union plans will not be necessary for their members. The biggest selling point of belonging to unions is gone.

9) Seniors will lose all their Medicare coverage as they will become part of the free “universal public plans.”

Time to vote Republican. Republicans will replace Obamacare and deal with only the 20 million people who depend on that. None of your union plans or Medicare or personal private medical plans will be touched.

Democrats are lying when they make you believe Obamacare affects every American. Vote knowing the facts, not what you hear.

Peter Russo

Editor’s note: This letter came in after The Call went to press before Nov. 3.