Reader challenges citizens to scrutinize leadership of Green Park

To the editor:

As a resident of Green Park, unfortunately, I had pretty much taken Green Park for granted.

Stupidly, I thought all was going great in our city and that issues were discussed in a fair and balanced way. Instead, after attending several city meetings, I have discovered how city plans are really made and how issues are really decided upon.

Plans are being made, issues decided upon and when all things are close to being cut and dried, we, as residents, are told of the situation. If there are any objections in the meetings, you get no response.

If concerns are sent in writing, you finally get a reply, but answers to your questions — not really — only picking and choosing what will be addressed, and then there is terrific spin on those.

When citizens try to discuss these issues, you get no reaction, no meaningful response, no discussion and then all of a sudden we have a done deal, just the way they want it. Consider these examples: trash issues, including bidding and recycling, and the Green Park Road project at the cost of $2.2 million of which the city will pay 20 percent for a project that is obsolete before it is started.

I challenge all Green Park residents to take a little time to see what is actually going on. I did and was surprised to see what is happening.

As residents of Green Park, we have no say in anything that goes on in Green Park. It is time to get our city back on track.

The elections are close. Please, please take the time to see what is really happening in our city, Go to city meetings, read the Call articles, learn about the officials, what they stand for and what they have not done. Find out more about the candidates that want to work with and for you.

I urge you to educate yourselves on what is going on around City Hall. Be aware of what is happening around you so that your vote can count in electing the people who want to guide this city as Green Park should be run.

We need to all work together. We need elected officials we can trust to do the best job possible for us, all the Green Park citizens. Let’s make sure we do our part to put them in that position.

Sue Koehler

Green Park