Reader believes voters need to hit the books for their Nov. 6 exam

To the editor:

After his second term as president, George Washington gave his farewell address.

In it, he warned of the danger political parties would cause the country. He was concerned parties would pit one part of the country against another and said it was “the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain them.”

If George could come back to life and visit present-day America, I’m afraid he’d shake his head and say, “I told you so.”

I think he would also say it wasn’t just the fault of Republicans or Democrats, but mostly the fault of voters; that informed voters are necessary to preserve freedom.

Elections aren’t personality contests based on who’s most hip and likable. They shouldn’t be based on feelings, but on facts regarding past job success.

Voters need to ask themselves these questions: Who is the best person for the job, who can and will lead America in the right direction, and what kind of country do I want for my children and grandchildren?

This election is about big government versus small government; a government-controlled nanny state versus freedom to live your life and pursue your dreams; having a president who erodes the Constitution by bypassing Congress and using executive orders versus demanding that the Constitution be followed and our rights retained; four more years of the same failed job and economic policies versus using different strategies to create jobs and grow our economy; an apologetic foreign affairs policy versus a policy that protects our people and our interest; and settling for the status quo versus expecting better for our children and grandchildren.

A private-sector boss wouldn’t keep an employee who wasn’t doing his job. A teacher wouldn’t give a student an “A” if he or she wasn’t doing their homework and applying themselves in class. On Nov. 6, we’re all bosses and teachers. We decide.

When speaking at the Republican national convention, Clint Eastwood put it this way: “When somebody doesn’t do the job, we got to let them go.” I sincerely hope the majority of people agree.

If you see things differently, that’s your right.

I just want people to realize we’re talking about a complete makeover of America that will throw the baby — our unique republic and freedoms — out with the bath water versus fixing only what needs fixing and leaving everything that works alone.

So fellow voters, please don’t take this election lightly. Study up on the candidates, issues and party platforms/philosophies.

The exam is Nov. 6.