Reader believes Hunzeker deserves two more years as Sunset Hills mayor

Recognizing that all public people are subject to a certain amount of criticism, I feel recent comments in local papers are a bit over the top.

Individual opinions and perceived actions taken by Sunset Hills Mayor John Hunzeker cannot be substantiated with facts. Anyone can say anything about someone, but is it the truth or just the negative opinion of a disgruntled resident who wants to influence negative reactions? The majority of residents that I know do not share negative opinions about the mayor and his accomplishments in only two years in office.

As a member of the Sunset Hills Garden Club, I had the pleasure to meet and work with Mayor Hunzeker planning and staging one of the events for our 50th anniversary. As a 20-year resident of the city, my family and I enjoyed attending the jazz concert, the birthday bash and the time-capsule events.

With his help, our club was able to get approval from the Missouri Department of Transportation to beautify the city by planting flower pots along Lindbergh Boulevard.

Each of these events served to build and enhance our sense of community in Sunset Hills.

My experience with Mayor Hunzeker has always been positive. He is polite and cordial, and I have watched the opinions of others take center stage over his own if it’s for the good of the city.

Give him a call — he’ll listen to your concerns.

I appreciate his many efforts to improve the reputation of Sunset Hills as a desirable community in which to live. He wants to maintain green spaces and keep the high value of our homes.

If he accomplished this much in just two years, he has my vote to serve another two as our mayor.

Esther Gier

Sunset Hills