Reader believes families will switch their children to home schooling

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

After I read the March 26 Call article “Students are now on their own for classes,” I wanted to add a slightly different take on what Mehlville School District Superintendent Chris Gaines said.

I began home-schooling my children in 1987 and did so from kindergarten through high-school graduation in 2000.

Though in the 1980s home schooling was rather new on the scene, there were a myriad of home school groups, materials, curriculum, programs and activities designed for home-schooling students. There are so many more options now.

Even though I have a lifetime Missouri teaching certificate, I was terrified at the thought of beginning kindergarten at home, but then I realized, “Teachers get the books with the answers!”

For the last three years of high school, we used an excellent video home-school program from Pensacola Christian College.

My children took the ACT several years before most students do and excelled in all areas. Both of them now have thriving home businesses.

One of them said the other day, “When this COVID-19 crisis passes, I think about 40 percent of parents will decide to begin home-schooling instead of sending their children back to public or private schools.”

Any parent who is dedicated to their children can home-school.

Those considering such should, after this pandemic has passed, join a home-school group to see if this way of education is right for their family.

G.N. Bouaoun