Reader asks: Who’s really financing the passage of Amendment 2?

To the editor:

Thank you, Cynthia Trebus, for your insightful letter to the editor regarding Amendment 2.

You’re right. What is being advertised and what the four-page amendment actually says are not at all the same. That leads to the question — who is financing this expensive deluge of advertising? Do I really believe it’s purely out of altruism?

Interesting that the ads completely overlook the genuine contributions already being made with adult stem-cell research and act as if Missouri denies all such research.

Interesting that the ads make it seem as if any benefits from research would be denied to Missourians.

Come on, folks, we’re talking big business here. And I do mean “Big Business.” Can you imagine any product being sold only in the state where it is developed? Sold. Cold word. But that’s what it will be.

What they are promoting here is that the Missouri Constitution be changed for all time so that someone can develop a marketable product with impunity.

Do we really want to set that kind of precedent?

Ann E. Macke