Reader asks: ‘If we don’t stand up for our rights now, when will we?’

A wise man by the name of Brick Smith wrote this many years ago, and I sadly say it’s coming true:

I had a bag filled to the top — with freedoms, known as rights — by which I could presume to reach — unto the very heights.

A politician came my way — with goodies, well displayed — tied up with ribbons, bright and gay — and each one labeled “aid.”

He said, “Some freedoms you have there — I’m sure you do not need — I’ll trade a goody, just for one.” — I thoughtlessly agreed.

It seemed to be a clever deal — and so I searched my store — for freedoms that I didn’t want — to trade with him some more.

Too late, I found to my dismay — on goodies, I was hooked — and with my last right swapped away — I knew my goose was cooked.

The politician from his throne — looked down and laughed at me — and said, “My man, you should have known — that there is nothing free.”

When people trade their rights away — to gain a scanty dole — you can be sure there’ll come a day — when tyrants will control.

If we continue to ignore our responsibilities, we will and are losing our rights:

• The right to choose who will collect our trash.

• The right of eminent domain being twisted and distorted by the powers that be, taking away its true intent.

• The property-tax reassessment formula is flawed, resulting in our being overtaxed.

It appears there is subterfuge in the imposing of the trash-collecting law. Follow the money. Believe me, there’s much money to be made by those who get the contracts. And who’s going to give them the contracts? Not you or me.

I repeat this whole thing “stinks,” and if we don’t stand up for our rights now, when will we?

K.E. Dale