Reader asks Call to get off Crestwood’s back for six months

I’m a relatively new homeowner in Crestwood.

I’ve only lived here for 91⁄2 years. I do not know the mayor. I have never knowingly met any of the aldermen.

I have interacted with some of the employees at City Hall. In general, they were all helpful, friendly and professional. Also, to the best of my knowledge, I have not met any of the staff of the SunCrest Call.

The city officials have a lot on their plate right now with the unknown future of Crestwood Plaza and a tight budget, and I’d like to propose the SunCrest Call get off their backs for at least six months and let them concentrate on the tasks at hand.

If, after July 1, city officials have dropped the ball, you can go back to critiquing them.

At times it seems as if the editorial staff, particularly Mr. Mike Anthony, tries to come across as “the crusading investigative reporter” in search of a Pulitzer prize.

Well, Mr. Anthony, it’s not happening here in Crestwood.

Jim Rook