Reader appreciates letter written by president of firefighters’ union

To the editor:

As a close relative of a St. Louis County police officer, I would sincerely like to thank Mr. Nickolas R. Fahs, president of the Mehlville firefighters and paramedics, for his letter in the Call’s Dec. 17 letters section.

As he says, these men and women leave for work every day and hope that they will come home safely that night to their families and loved ones.

The police are usually considered the bad guys because let’s face it, we have probably all gotten a ticket at one time or another in our life.

By giving someone a speeding ticket or a DWI, they may have saved your life.

These dedicated officers do not just sit in a doughnut shop all day, they are out patrolling our streets and neighborhoods to keep us safe.

Thanks again, Mr. Fahs.

Edward E. Krite