Reader applauds Trakas for her stand on Proposition R ‘atrocity’

To the editor:

Those of you that voted “yes” for the Mehlville School District’s Proposition R might want to clip out this letter to the editor and save it for future reference.

In a year or two, you will likely regret your decision. I was confident that the community would see through the facade and fear-mongering used by the school district to pass Prop R, but apparently I was wrong.

Not many people did their homework. So here we are again, blindly throwing money at a problem like we’ve always done in the past.

Mark my words, the money will be wasted again like it always is on things that will not improve the academic scores of the students. You’ll have to excuse me for being pessimistic, but based on the way the Board of Education has behaved in the almost 25 years I’ve lived here, I feel it is justified.

It seems that a majority of the people that run for the school board are “yes” people. They agree on almost everything when it comes to spending and wasting money. Every time we get someone on the board who will actually challenge the decisions being made, playing devil’s advocate, if you will, they are essentially harassed to the point where they either give up or another “yes” person gets elected in their place. Rich Franz was one of those that stood up to all the “yes” people. We need more like him.

I also applaud Lori Trakas for her stand she made against this atrocity. The way she has been treated and victimized is unacceptable, and the community should be embarrassed by it.

We’ll see if everyone still likes their decision in a couple of years.

And can someone please explain why Dan Fowler is the school board’s puppet every time the district wants a tax increase?

It’s ridiculous. And naming a meeting room after him — what a joke.

B. Feurer