Reader and family’s assessed valuations don’t align with an average


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

After reading the May 28 article by News Editor Gloria Lloyd concerning the new St. Louis County assessments, I decided to see by what percentage my property was increased. It comes to 29.6 percent. I then looked at the comparable properties. The average increase for those is 26.6 percent.

As my daughter and brother also live in the Mehlville School District, I looked up their new assessment. I was not surprised to see that that average equaled 24.8 percent.

I have no idea as to where Ms. Lloyd arrived at the 15 percent that she reported. With a little bit of calculating, the true figures would have been reported.

Henry Schaper Sr.

Editor’s note: The figure I quoted for the Mehlville School District’s average increase in assessed values was the average across all assessments. Some are going to be lower and some are going to be higher. For example, if one didn’t increase and one increased 30 percent, that would be an average of 15 percent even though neither of those numbers match up with 15 percent.