Reader amazed at Enz’’s defense of Campisi

To the editor:

It amazes me how former state Rep. Catherine Enz can “honestly” defend John Campisi.

He was caught stealing water for his private pool not once but two times. When a police officer tells me to pull over, I pull over.

Does Mr. Campisi think he’s above law enforcement officials? If he’s late on his taxes, does he not know you have to pay taxes? If I don’t pay my taxes, they put a lien on my house. If Mr. Campisi doesn’t pay his taxes, he’s “just late” and a “struggling small-business man.”

I attended the meeting on June 19 at Oak-ville Senior High School. I don’t consider Mr. Campisi representative of me. He said Fred Weber should meet with him and his constituents and that Fred Weber could have offered the people in his district a break on their trash hauling.

Basically, he meant this as a bargaining chip. Well, Mr. Campisi, Fred Weber has made money on his quarry in this district for many years.

If Fred Weber wants a trash/garbage transfer station, build it in an unpopulated area. If people build around it, so be it, but don’t put it in an established area. Mr. Campisi, read my letter and my lips, “no” to the transfer station in an established area, period. Catherine Enz, quit defending a man on the County Council who doesn’t have a clue to what is going on.

Anyone can answer a phone and return phone calls.

Ron Marsh