Reader agrees with Broughton: Arming teachers is an ‘idiotic idea’


To the editor:

Finally, someone in a political position is saying what needed to be said: “Arming teachers is President Donald Trump’s “latest idiotic idea,” as Green Park Ward 1 Alderman Michael Broughton said in his March 8 letter. Well put.

I was a middle-school teacher for 30 years. I grew up around firearms and have used them in the past. I taught in several schools, and I can assure readers there was no staff member that could have been trusted to be trained and armed.

The idea of safely storing a firearm at school, having it accessible and discharging it is ludicrous.

Your writer Mr. Broughton is right. The thought of arming teachers is idiotic. That’s just another ridiculous idea from Trump as he takes the United States down the wrong path — again.

 Christina MacDougall