Rails against incorporation, eminent domain

To the editor:

About 35 years ago, the late, great Mar-vin Gaye recorded a song titled “What’s Going On?”

At the same time, he also recorded “Mer-cy Mercy Me.” Marvin’s message was about social inequities applicable at this time in American history. He was a man of passion, as I also am.

I have always loved the ideals that made our country free regardless of its imperfections. Our country was not given to us, it was fought for and earned by blood and unbelievable sacrifice. In my opinion, one of the greatest of all Americans was Pat-rick Henry. Patrick Henry had an insight of the future and the problems that are prevalent today.

In 2005, our country has almost lost its soul. We have become globalists, arrogant and insensitive to the needs of our own people. Many American citizens are suffering now. School districts suffer through tax increment financing, eminent domain, unwanted or unwarranted incorporations which, in essence, are a tighter layer of government that the taxpayer doesn’t want or need. Sunset Manor, Loughborough and Interstate 55, Manchester, 141 and Church Road in Arnold — all have been victims of eminent domain.

The residents of Ronnie Hills subdivision in the fourth-class city of Green Park also were duped into incorporation, which has proven to be a complete disaster and fiasco. People in my own subdivision had a large wooded area and a cul-de-sac. Now it is all gone and open to the public with a severe traffic problem, which could unfortunately come down to a child getting hit by some of the traffic that comes through here.

We did not buy into this. There were red fox, deer and other beautiful creatures of nature. But now they are gone due to in-corporation. Two-4-6-8 how do we disincorporate?

What about Sunset Manor? Perhaps it’s all about economic cleansing. Novus bought houses with no money to close on them. Un-believable.

Perhaps the whole scenario in Sunset Manor was a choreographed scam. They were only U.S. citizens and they really don’t mean anything, actually. What about Jim Butler Chevrolet on Manchester or the Veterans of Foreign War hall in Arnold that must move for retail development?

Can somebody straighten out this crooked picture? How would our forefathers view this? This is not why we fought in the Revolutionary War. No one has the right to take another man’s property for his own personal gain, retail or otherwise.

Furthermore, if most folks knew how to disincorporate these little fiefdoms, Bella Villa, St. George, Marlborough and Green Park would cease to exist.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas even though the word “Christ” is not socially acceptable to all illegal parasites who have infested the United States of America. Freedom never has and never will be a gift. I believe if a vote was taken, these little fourth-class cities would no longer exist.

What has happened in Sunset Manor, 55 and Loughborough, Manchester and 141 and Church Road is a disgrace to the American flag and everyone who has represented it. Ironically, those who voted to take away our freedom in the 21st century have never fought for it.

The Ronnie Hills subdivision was much better off in the county. At the time we just had two bad County Council persons.

John Campisi has always fought for the people and he would have been good for us. Under the guise of incorporation these people who orchestrated the city of Green Park have only served selfish special-interest groups.

If a vote was taken today, the city of Green Park surely would be disincorporated. In this time of Christmas, it is an Amer-ican travesty when the word Christ or Christmas cannot be visible in federal and state buildings. I personally am not worthy to mumble his holy name.

It is all of our right as Americans to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. He is King of Kings, Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, Savior of Mankind, Judge of Judges.

There is no way I nor any other American need to be obliged to compromise or be apologetic for this. Merry Christmas and praise Jesus.

Mike “Grassroots” Povich

Green Park