Questions why district ‘crowing’ over test scores that exceed state’s

To the editor:

So the Missouri Assessment Program shows where to improve Adequate Yearly Progress for No Child Left Behind, eh?

Could someone help me out here?

Do only 62.7 percent of Mehlville students know enough of what they should and are able to apply enough of it to be considered “proficient” — which is how the Missouri Show Me Standards define the purpose of the test — in communication arts? And even fewer in mathematics? 

Does this mean that the rest, 30 percent to 40 percent of Mehlville School District students, will be less than proficient when they graduate? And that the administration will be satisfied if 72.5 percent and 75.5 percent of the Mehlville student body learns enough to get by? And we’re crowing because state-wide scores are even worse? Probably if the district had more money, it would be able to educate everybody. It looks like we’re not getting what we’re not paying for because that’s what it always comes down to: money, and it’s all my — the taxpayers’ — fault.

Judy Rauh