Questions recall leader’s motives; district in good hands with Trakas


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:
Do you wonder why a Democrat from St. Louis city is reportedly using his own assets to lead and largely finance an effort to recall 6th District County Councilman Ernie Trakas, R-Oakville?
I’m wondering what return Garrett Webb of St. Louis city hopes to gain on his investment of time and money in trying to oust Ernie Trakas. Sixth District voters elected Ernie last year because he had already shown us that he is interested in good government and effective in providing leadership to area residents.
Since Mr. Webb “is on a quest for good government,” you would think that he would respect the will of the people of St. Louis County and their choice of a representative through the elective process.
What then attracted Mr. Webb’s attention and what could his motivation be? Could it be that he would like to increase the power of County Executive Steve Stenger, a Democrat, over the County Council by removing Mr. Trakas from office?
Maybe he would like to see Mr. Trakas replaced from office because Ernie does not rubber stamp issues that are put before the council for consideration. He actually researches issues, asks questions and weighs the pros and cons before casting a vote.
His main concern is the welfare of his constituents. You see, he considers it his duty to represent 6th District residents rather than bend to the political pressures that can be brought to bear against him.
Maybe Mr. Webb would like to see Ernie Trakas removed because he represents the best in politicians, as he is guided by love of God, love of country and respect for family values every day that he serves.
I would like to understand why Mr. Webb is involving himself in a community where he does not live and where he has no business practicing his brand of activism. Perhaps Mr. Webb can best contribute to his goal of “good government” by focusing his attention and investing his time and money on solving problems in his own community of St. Louis city.
We are doing well in St. Louis County’s 6th District under the representation of Councilman Ernie Trakas. In short, the 6th District is in good hands.
Maxine Schumacher