Questions Nieder’s stance on city’s Prop 1

To the editor:

I am very interested in the aldermanic elections coming up in Crestwood.

I read the article in the Call where Mr. Nieder and Mr. Foote, both running in ward 4, gave their respective takes on the city’s future and their stands on various topics. What interested me the most was Mr. Nieder stating that he “campaigned against” Prop 1 in 2008. It is in the minutes on the city’s Web site that he not only supported Prop 1, but that he voted to place it on the ballot. I am perplexed about why he failed to mention that fact.

It states very clearly in the board’s May 8, 2008, minutes, which are available to the public, that he stated the city should ask for the 35-cent tax increase and he voted for the tax increase to go on the August 2008 ballot on May 13, 2008. This does not support his statement that he felt it was not “specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, or timely.”

By that description, it must have been a terrible idea, right? Then why did he support and vote for it and neglect to mention it now? So what is the truth — his vote for it then, which is clearly on the record, or his statement now that he really didn’t support it?

Mary Wheat