Questions why Mehlville school board rushed ‘to reward mediocrity’


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Why did the Mehlville Board of Education rush to reward mediocrity?

While Superintendent Chris Gaines has a nice smile and looks spiffy in a bow tie, the Mehlville School District has yet to see the increase in student test scores or other metrics necessary to justify the $880,777 commitment for services yet to be rendered.

Like corporate chief executive officers and baseball managers, school superintendents are paid well in exchange for performance.

Yes, it takes time to improve a large school district such as Mehlville.

Gambling on better results in 2021 — after every current school board member’s term will have expired — is an unnecessary bet.

Glenn Koenen


Editor’s note: Democrat Glenn Koenen ran unsuccessfully for the District 95 Missouri House seat in November 2016 and the U.S. House District 2 seat in November 2012.