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Some questions about Great Rivers Greenway to ponder on trail


To the editor:

The article in the April 26 edition of the Call describing the work nearing completion on Cliff Cave Park did a great job in detailing the changes taking place.

I would encourage everyone interested in getting a little exercise and fresh air to visit and walk the new trail.

It will also let you see your tax dollars at work.

While walking the trail, here are some things to think about:

Why did the staffing costs for Great Rivers Greenway (GRG)  increase close to $1 million in  a little over 14 months a year or so ago?

Why does GRG have a director of maintenance, but they will not do any maintenance on this  trail or any other trails?

Why does GRG have a director of community outreach when the entire staff should be reaching out to all the communities on a daily basis?

A design contest was held and is complete on a new trail connection between Midtown St. Louis and the riverfront downtown on the Mississippi River.

Why is it necessary to have a national contest when there are great local and state institutions to use as resources for guidance on park improvements?

The money being spent on staffing and design competitions reminds me of the Zoo-Museum District’s issues a few years ago.

Media coverage at that time reported tax dollars that were being spent on questionable staffing and property acquisitions at the History Museum.

All of that came to light after an audit was undertaken and fiscal restraint took hold with new leadership.

Is it time for an audit of GRG?

John Dennis Hixson


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