Put trash in Standley’s back yard

To the editor:

I would love to know where Mr. Derrick Standley lives.

I think Fred Weber should put the proposed trash-transfer station in his back yard, since he thinks it is such a great idea.

His quotes regarding the trash-transfer station in the Thursday, Sept. 11, issue make me sick. He considers 2,000-plus residents — which is probably low — to be “a handful of residents.” I would like Mr. Standley to take a vote so that he could see that the majority of Oakville residents do not support the station.

We are not the people of St. Roberts, St. Peters, University City or Jefferson City.

If they love their trash transfer stations so much, let’s put another station in one of those communities.

I just don’t know how many meetings, hearings or how many times we have to say that we do not want this trash station in Oakville.

Mr. Standley, please tell Fred Weber your address and put the trash in your community.

Kim Boatman