Pundit wonders if trouble looms in Green Park

To the editor:

In the Sept. 21 edition of the Call, Green Park Mayor Steven Armstrong reports that he and the city of Green Park are negotiating with TriStar Business Communities on a deal which will develop a large chunk of property in Ronnie Hills into a part-commercial, part-residential hodgepodge.

I can only assume “His Honor” is aware of the fact that the area in question is smack dab in the middle of what Mike “Grassroots” Povich considers his very own unspoiled paradise.

Mayor Armstrong says, “The city’s excited about it.”

But does he know the consequences of invading this sacred ground? As I recall, we were once “excited” about invading Iraq.

If I know Mr. Povich, this is just the beginning of hostilities.

Harvey Meyer

Green Park