Pundit wonders if Broughton trying to bring out the clowns once more

To the editor:

A couple of tragic things have happened to our fair city of Green Park within the last few months.

First, longtime Alderman Tony Pousosa vacated his post to seek a higher post in county government. As bad as that seems, it gets worse.

Michael Broughton, whose only goal in life seems to be badmouthing Green Park, ran unopposed for Pousosa’s position — and won.

Did holding the post of alderman stop his ranting and raving about abandoned cars, broken windows or knee-high weeds he seems to find in every corner of Green Park? Absolutely not.

The latest in Mr. Broughton’s saga involved a property owner filing a lawsuit against him and Broughton filing a counterclaim against the property owner.

Both suits were dismissed, but Broughton then had the gall to request the city to reimburse him for the legal fees he had incurred. Request denied.

There was a time when Green Park was known as Clown City. Is Mr. Broughton trying to bring out the clowns once more?