Pundit ponders how Lindbergh cruisers can afford high price of gas

To the editor:

It has been awhile since I drove South Lindbergh Boulevard on a Friday night, so I had forgotten about the hundreds of cruisers, most of them teenagers, who every Friday and Saturday night drive aimlessly up and down Lindbergh.

It sometimes gets so crowded that they creep along bumper to bumper. If those teenage cruisers think it’s so much fun creeping along bumper to bumper, mile after mile, hour after hour, why don’t they get on Interstate 270 and join us folks, who, in order to get to work, have no choice in the matter? But hey, on 270, the more the merrier. Who’s going to notice 5,000 or 10,000 more cars?

One other thing. With the price of gas so high as it is, most of us are lucky to be able to buy gas to get to work, trying not to drive more than absolutely necessary. How can those teens afford to drive all night long, back and forth to absolutely nowhere?