Pundit gambling on intervention in Green Park by some casino

To the editor:

Why are we in Green Park worried about improving Green Park Road?

Look at it this way. Plans for a new four-lane road in Lemay, one that will lead to a casino, are now a sure thing.

What has that to do with Green Park?

We turn over the entire Green Park Industrial Park area to some casino — any casino — and they convert the entire park into a gigantic casino.

“Oh, but wait,” you say. “A casino would, by law, need to be built on a river.”

Not to worry. We have Gravois Creek right there.

If some casinos dig moats around them and are called legal, what’s wrong with a creek?

And you talk about a road. I see eight lanes of solid concrete from Tesson Ferry Road straight to the casino — all paid for by the casino.

The property owners who will lose half their land to the highway? The casino will toss them about a million bucks apiece.

For a million bucks, they could learn to live with an eight-lane highway at their doorstep.

Harvey Meyer

Green Park