Proposition R’s passage positively impacts entire Mehlville community

To the editor:

The passage of Prop R by the voters in the Mehlville School District has positively impacted our entire community in countless ways.

Everywhere I go whether it be patronizing businesses or attending community events, I experience a revitalized attitude of pride.

It is also heart-warming to visit with parents, teachers and staff members of the school district who are beyond grateful for our community’s support. In the many decades of being a parent and volunteer in the district, I see a gratefulness and frankly relief that our voters came out to vote and show their overwhelming support for Mehlville. Also, can there be anything more wonderful than knowing your community cares about the education of our most precious commodity, our students?

As I run into voters who express their excitement and relief that Prop R passed and how they plan to remain in the Mehlville School District community, I share their feelings and pride.

Thank you voters, and thank you Mehlville School District. You’re the best.