Proposition G an investment worth making

To the editor:

Finding ways to respond to rapid growth of any kind is never easy, and sometimes, difficult adjustments need to be made in order to accommodate such growth.

This is the situation in which Lindbergh Schools currently finds itself. As elementary and middle school parents, we have seen how this growth has impacted everything from class sizes to transportation.

Our district’s long-standing tradition of involving representatives from all walks of life when consequential decisions need to be made has led to the development of a plan that addresses the urgent need to physically expand while ensuring the en-tire community’s needs are well-served.

The plan chosen imposes the least amount of financial burden on taxpayers while still providing the classrooms and facilities necessary to deliver the quality public education those moving into our community expect.

We understand that many in our community are on fixed incomes, but we also know that well-educated graduates help economies grow. The financial sacrifices that often accompany growing pains are never easy, but we believe that preparing and equipping our kids for the challenges they will face in the future, a future that includes our well-being as retirees, is an investment worth making.

We hope that our community will join us and vote “yes” for Prop G on April 8.

Susan and David Dooling


Long Elementary PTO co-presidents