Proposed ‘super highway’ would ‘cut our country in half,’ reader says

To the editor:

Many years ago when I was listening to coast-to-coast radio with Art Bell, he talked about a “super highway” that would run from Mexico to Canada with a port in Kansas City.

Since Mr. Bell’s show can be a far reach sometimes, I dismissed this as somewhere between the far future and myth.

Several months ago, I was surprised when I received my Teamster magazine and Dan McKay, president of Local 600 and Joint Council 13, had an article about the “super highway” on the front page.

This highway would bypass the Longshoremen’s union in California as containers coming in from the Far East will come through Mexico. Teamster truck drivers will not be needed and probably non-union American drivers won’t be needed either because Mexican and Canadian drivers will run this 10-lane, 400-yard-wide corridor. This highway cost then-Gov. Holden his re-election because the Teamsters did not support him because of this project. Rep. Tim Meadows, Sen. Harry Kennedy, then-Sen. Sarah Steelman and the Missouri-Kansas Teamsters along with McKay fought the “Smart Port” in Kansas City. This project alone cost taxpayers $3 million.

This highway will cut our country in half. The Teamsters urged all of us to contact our representatives about this. U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan has been very sensitive to trucking issues, and I would suggest you contact his St. Louis Office at (314) 962-1523 or his Washington, D.C., Office at (202) 225-2671.

An article by Jerome R. Corsi published last June is a true eye-opener to this major event that is about to take place. I have left a copy with this newspaper. This is something that not only will affect union drivers and dockmen, but may end up influencing our whole country. Please call our representatives. This has been hushed up, but is now coming to light.

Ron Wagganer