Proposed name, ‘The District at Crestwood,’ doesn’t cut it for reader

To the editor:

I would like the aldermen of Crestwood and the developer of the proposed Crestwood mall redevelopment project to seriously reconsider the name of the new center.

The word “district” denotes a bland, government entity which, should they choose to include residences, leads to thoughts of public housing, projects and slums. I do not want Crestwood to be nicknamed “Cresthood” as a result of this choice of unfortunate name.

As funny as this may sound, I am serious in my concerns. Our new lifestyle center should have a name that directs us, energizes us, links us to our history and/or lends itself to our goal of vibrant, economic activity.

As it is not right to complain without providing a solution, I have come up with my list of top 10 alternative names for the new lifestyle development, none of which are proprietary to me and I give freely.

If none are acceptable to the current developer, I suggest they look to the residents of Crestwood for additional guidance and input, especially since the developer plans to request public financing.

10. Crestwood 66 Center.

9. The Shoppes at Crestwood Corner.

8. The Courts of Crestwood.

7. Crestwood Town Square.

6. The Crestwood Quad.

5. The Crestwood Confluence.

4. Crestwood Grand Plaza.

3. Crestwood Quarter(s).

2. The Crestwood Corridor.

1. The Hub in Crestwood. This is my favorite because it links to Route 66 and it denotes a center from which everything else stems — Let’s go to the Hub. Sing it to the let’s go to the hop song — “At the Hop.”

Marilee Sauer