Prop R will not result in a tax hike, Fey says

To the editor:

A letter to the editor several weeks ago from Mr. Flanagan encouraged readers not to be misled by Prop R.

As vice president of the Lindbergh Board of Education and as vice president and controller of a major St. Louis company, I encourage voters to be informed about Prop R.

Prop R will not result in a tax increase. The current levy of 38 cents will be the same in 2006, 2007, 2008 and beyond. Prop R does extend the current level of bonded indebtedness for an additional six years.

This bond extension allows the Board of Education and the Administration to address safety needs for our students and to complete critical building projects.

A no-tax increase proposal is the most responsible way to pay for necessary repairs and projects. The district first issued bonds in 1995 to begin addressing critical building maintenance issues in buildings that are over 50 years old. In 2000, a small debt levy amount was requested. At that time, the funds did not address all needs, but met many critical ones, without overburdening the taxpayer. Extending the debt repayment allows the district to continue addressing facility needs without increasing the debt burden to the public.

The Board of Education has been very open in its discussion regarding Prop R 2006. The board’s intent is to maintain the current debt level so as not to increase taxes and to utilize the funds received to address current critical needs, such as roof replacements and fire systems.

Prop R is not about increased taxes. Please do not be misled; support Prop R on Nov. 7.

Kenneth Fey

vice president

Lindbergh Board of Education