Prop R will help restore what Mehlville desperately needs, Green says

To the editor:

When I reflect upon my life and the things I feel most grateful for, the Mehlville School District immediately comes to mind and for many reasons.

As a senior citizen, it is an honor to share some of my thoughts after living in the district for nearly 40 years.

Both of my sons went all the way through the MSD and graduated from Oakville High School. Thanks to exemplary teachers, administrators and staff members, they received a quality education that has helped mold them into well-adjusted, productive adults. From the bus drivers who were dedicated to the safety of all students, to the people who served lunch or made sure their schools were clean and operating properly, my sons were in good hands.

And I also realize that sports, extracurricular activities, and special education all played major roles in my children having amazing educational opportunities.

One of the other advantages of having a strong school district has been living in a safe, secure and thriving community.

When buying a home or considering staying in a neighborhood, property values are a major priority. As our houses age, we determine reinvesting by upgrading them if we feel our community is worth remaining in — our property values are a major deciding factor.

An exemplary, highly rated school district is a determining factor in those home values remaining. It is without question for our community to remain safe and valuable, our school district absolutely, without question, must have proper funding.

Therefore, I implore all voters to realize it is imperative for them to get out and vote “yes” on Prop R. This proposition will help restore what the Mehlville School District desperately needs. Everyone in this district will be adversely affected if this measure fails.

Candy Green


Editor’s note: Candy Green is a past president and member of the Mehlville Board of Education and a member of the district’s Advocacy Committee.