Prop R not about just helping schools, but enhancing our community

To the editor,

Sue Jernigan recently wrote that the Mehlville Board of Education prefers “to spread the taxes to all, as opposed to those who actually use the school district offerings.”

Is that the type of community you want, Ms. Jernigan? A community where everyone only pays for the things they use?

If that is the case, why should I pay for fire or ambulance services which I don’t utilize? What about snow plowing?

I don’t live in the north side of the community, so why should I pay for those streets to be cleaned?

See where I am going with this? If we start making community services a usage tax, I am not sure we would have much in the way of any services. This is not the type of community I believe we have in Mehlville.

I would also like to ask Ms. Jernigan why she doesn’t take advantage of the array of “offerings” that are provided to the community via our school district?

There are community-education classes for adults of all ages and the district’s 60plus Club has luncheons every couple of months in the schools with students providing entertainment.

Then there are the huge variety of high school sporting events, where I am sure they would love to have another cheerleader in the stands.

You can use the tracks or the tennis courts or even play sand volleyball if you like.

And finally, the wonderful music performances and plays that go on in the auditorium. You can watch band performances, children singing or high school plays.

Our schools provide many opportunities for our community to come together.

I would like to see Prop R be about not just helping our schools, but enhancing our community.

Erin FitzWilliam


Editor’s note: Erin FitzWilliam is a gifted education teacher in the Mehlville School District.