Prop G will further district’s quality education

To the editor:

On April 8, voters of the Lindbergh School District will have the opportunity to support public education for the increasing number of children moving into our community by voting for Prop G.

Funds from Prop G will be used to build a new elementary school and make enhancements to the high school library, gymnasium, cafeteria and science classrooms. While all of these facilities met the demands of 1960s education, they are not equipped to serve the technology and student population needs of the 21st century.

As a pediatrician and parent of five children who have been or are currently Lind-bergh students, I can attest to the effects on the quality of instruction that is delivered when classrooms do not suffer from overcrowding, and when students have access to the facilities they need to excel.

I hope residents who live within the Lindbergh School District take pride in the many accolades the district has had the distinction of receiving, among which are: No. 1 in student academic achievement for four consecutive years, national schools and district of character, multiple National Merit finalists and semifinalists, high graduation rates and an International Baccalaureate program. Coupled with our affordable housing, this makes the communities that comprise the Lindbergh School District major draws for those seeking the best place to live.

Please join me in enabling Lindbergh Schools to deliver quality education for 21st century students, and vote “yes” on Prop G.

Dr. George Rezabek

Sunset Hills