Prop G right solution for enrollment growth

To the editor:

As parents of elementary school-aged children, we could not think of a better way to provide continued excellence in education than to be a part of and fully support Lindbergh Schools’ Proposition G bond issue that is on the April 8 ballot.

We are chairing this campaign because we believe building a new elementary school is the right solution for the rapidly increasing student enrollment occurring within the district — what a wonderful problem to have.

Young families with small children continue to move into our community — they see and hear about Crestwood being ranked one of the Best Places to Live; local municipalities like Sunset Hills, Fenton and Green Park offer great homes in quality neighborhoods. Young families also want what Lindbergh Schools provides: outstanding student achievement in all phases of a child’s learning, beginning at Lindbergh’s Early Child Education facility and continuing up to the national award-winning Lindbergh High School.

Time and again when we volunteer at our children’s schools — Long and Concord elementaries — we are stopped by parents who tell us that they are so happy that Lindbergh offers a safe, learning-enriched environment for their sons and daughters.

So you can see why we offered our commitment to a needed, worthwhile proposition — we want what is best for Lindbergh kids and the community. We have been completely satisfied with Lindbergh’s successes in all forms of academic and social merits.

Lindbergh Schools has exceeded expectations in our children’s educational experience. We want that to continue for them, their classmates and for the future generations of Lindbergh students.

That is why it is so important to vote “yes” for Prop G on April 8. Please encourage fellow parents, neighbors and grandparents to give their community’s children the resources they need today in order to be the pioneers of tomorrow.