Prop G co-chair backing Reinhardt’s candidacy for Lindbergh board

To the editor:

I was so pleased that David Reinhardt has decided to run for a director position on the Lindbergh Board of Education.

David and I met two years ago when we co-chaired the Prop G campaign together. I found David’s commitment to Lindbergh Schools inspiring.

During our time working on Prop G, David worked to educate others on the struggles and concerns the district is facing due to the fast-paced growth we are currently experiencing. David has an acute awareness of why the growth is happening, how each school is being impacted, and how the money is being utilized for these projects. He is also well-informed on the challenges the district will continue to face as the elementary base will continue to grow and the impact that will have on the not-so-distant future of the high school.

Besides his work on Prop G, David is the PTO president for Long Elementary, where his daughter attends school. He has been a member of the PTO Board there for the past three years and continues to serve the school there as a leader and volunteer.

David also attends the Board of Aldermen meetings in Crestwood regularly and has done so for the past two years. He understands the impact that redevelopment of the old Crestwood mall and surrounding area will mean for the district. He lends his voice and support in hopes of an outcome that benefits Lindbergh.

His service doesn’t end there. David has been attending Lindbergh Board of Education meetings for the past five years in an effort to stay current and informed. His leadership and volunteerism was recognized in the spring of 2015 when David was awarded the Lindbergh Leader Award. His interest in this district is heartfelt and genuine.

Please join me in voting for David Reinhardt on April 5.

Jennifer Abercrombie

Sunset Hills