Prop A is a ‘right to choose where you work,’ an Affton resident says


To the editor:

Recent Prop A “Vote No” billboards, yard signs and mailers are filled with hypocritical lies. I encourage all voters to actually read the Prop A language before you blindly vote.

Prop A does not “allow politicians to tell business owners who they can or can’t enter into contracts.” Prop A tells unions they cannot force any employee to pay union dues if that employee chooses not to belong to the union.

As a matter of fact, unions and Democrats were perfectly OK with lawmaker politicians forcing every American to pay annual $2,000 dues to support Obamacare. Yes, they did not care whether you needed it or not.

Unions and Democrats love to “force” dues on everyone. It supports them, not you. It is unions and their Democratic friends at the state level who want to take away every working man-woman’s right to choose whether they want to join a union.

Prop A opponents are not the 80 percent of working Americans who really do not need a union to become their rightful wage negotiator. Those times of the 1940s are long gone. It is time to say “yes” to higher wages for good workers. That is exactly what Prop A will provide.

Propaganda “No” mailers also message another lie and deceitful conclusion. It says, “Prop A will eliminate retirement security for seniors who paid into their fund and planned for a dignified retirement.” What a big deceitful lie that is. Prop A deals only with “union dues,” not retirement pensions.

Union dues do not affect anyone’s retirement benefits. Using the “senior” label is a very dishonest scare tactic conclusion. Vote “yes” with lawmakers in Missouri who made the right and fair choice for all working Americans. Not just union workers.

Vote yes, and let your lawmakers’ choice stand up for a “right to choose where you work.”

Peter Russo