Promoting from within would save Lindbergh taxpayers money

As a recent honor roll graduate of Lindbergh High School and a small-business owner, I was insulted by the comments of the Lindbergh school board’s consultant — Ray and Associates — that has recommended a $200,000-plus pay package for a new superintendent.

Apparently, anyone who doesn’t make at least a $200,000 salary doesn’t have the right to criticize this new compensation package. I can say with confidence that most of us in the Lindbergh School District make nowhere near that amount.

In the past, the board has compared itself with big business in order to justify such exorbitant salaries. Since it has been common knowledge that (Superintendent Jim) Sandfort is leaving, why wasn’t the board grooming a protégé for his replacement as they do in private industry?

Dr. Sandfort may have done a spectacular job, but this district isn’t run by one person. We have a pool of talented individuals who should be promoted from within and would certainly jump at the opportunity to become superintendent — and not at $200,000 plus.

The taxpayers deserve some respect and common sense from the school board. Let’s promote from within and save some tax dollars on expensive consultants, phone surveys and outrageous salary packages.

Kevin Burns