Povich reveals his true colors, agenda

To the editor:

It was quite interesting and telling how Mr. Mike Povich, in the Oct. 23 edition, no sooner cited his patriotism and belief in God that he turns right around and refers to persons who continue to shop the “Big 3” as immoral, self-centered, child molesters and treasonous.

And, of course, he couldn’t resist applying the classic union “scab” reference to those who would dare cross a picket line.

Mr. Povich revealed his true colors and agenda in his letter — that of a liberal Democrat who cannot and will not tolerate someone with a different view or opinion and who resorts to name calling and character assassination in an attempt to justify his belief and to get others to go along with it. Pretty sad and pathetic.

Mike — I’ve got news for you. There are plenty of folks out there who are just as patriotic and God-fearing as you and who will not be inconvenienced and intimidated by those who throw up a picket line and their supporters who blindly believe that a striking union is always right and automatically deserving of everyone’s support and sympathy.

Robert Wussler