Povich is close, but falls short of the mark

To the editor:

I really enjoyed Mr. Povich’s recent letter to you.

He’s pretty close, but not quite on the bull’s-eye on each issue he brings up.

• Mike wants us to complain to the store management about the plight of the abused checkers each time we go to the “big three” supermarkets. That won’t get the job done as effectively as not going to Shop ‘n Save, and, when in Dierbergs or Schnucks, using only the self-checkout option.

People not only should not have to stand at a register all day without a bottle of water underneath it, they shouldn’t have to stand at a register at all. Let’s eliminate these inhumane jobs altogether. That’s being humane and godly.

• Blue-collar voters pay a lot for school taxes, etc., while they can’t get a fair contract — not only that school administrators who have curative salaries get $5,000 to $10,000 raises.

Mike proposes no solutions. There are two which leap to mind: First, fire about 80 percent of the public school administration and return to the lean administrations of the 1950s.

Second, ask the blue-collar voters to vote out the school board members who pay these huge unwarranted raises.

• I don’t really think that Mike believes President Clinton is a Communist traitor for signing NAFTA. 

However, I might be compelled to support banishing him from the country and taking away his U S citizenship if it means I’ll never have to hear him on TV again.

Warren Waldmann