Pousosa best candidate for County Council

To the editor:

It is not unusual in an election year for candidates to flood the news media with press releases extolling their virtues.

Some may be preparing to seek higher office in a coming election as is the case with the rumors of Councilman Steve Stenger’s aspirations for county executive.

His first term began in 2008. His campaign flier promised that he was going to address the trash issue and draft legislation regarding the same. When and if was that done?

If I remember correctly, that’s when Charlie Dooley’s fiat that trash collection be mandated by St. Louis County because, as he stated, that was a request by his north county district. Another “nanny” government directive that they choose our trash haulers. Individual choice be darned.

Remember when he was losing to Mr. Bill Corrigan on his last election night?

His reply was that he wasn’t worried because he was waiting for north county to come in.

Mr. Dooley, this is south county. When are you going to listen to us? Where are the checks and balances on the County Council to deter him when there are five Democrats and only two Republicans on the council?

South county deserves a listening post; someone who is not running for higher office while still serving a first term in one; someone who represents south county values and concerns.

A change in the County Council’s 6th District would serve us well and Tony Pousosa is qualified to do that.