Point of order stalls power plant bill

A point of order raised in the Missouri Senate Tuesday stalled debate on a nuclear power plant bill indefinitely.

Sen. Jason Crowell, R-Cape Girardeau, raised a point of order after nearly two hours of debate saying some additions to the bill go beyond the scope of the underlying version of the bill. The pro tem agreed, which ended the debate.

Crowell said the adjustments to the origin bill, such as billing customers for the early site permit would be ruled unconstitutional even if it passed in the Senate.

“What Sen. Mayer has done is taken a very strong position to say, ‘While I’m pro tem we’re only going to pass constitutional laws, we’re not going to have these declared unconstitutional.’ And that is what we did here.”

Rep. Jeanie Riddle R-Callaway County originally sponsored the bill when it was in the House.

Riddle said she is disappointed with the outcome of the bill.

“Everybody who uses electricity in this state will be affected, so it is very disappointed to me. I’m curious why they waited so long into the debate if it was going to have a point of order on it to begin with,” she said.

Riddle and other supporters said this bill will bring jobs to Missouri and keep the state’s future energy options open.

While Riddle sponsored the original House bill, Sen. Robin Wright-Jones, D-St. Louis, sponsored the corresponding Senate bill minus all the additions.

Jones said she thinks her bill will pass, but she has some concerns about the Republican agendas in both the House and the Senate.

“We have seen the run of the Republican agenda in both chambers very seriously,” Jones said. “And we are here now in our last four weeks and I don’t know if we are going to get anything out but there agenda.”

Senators got rid of all parts of the bill that deal with the nuclear site permit, the Senate ended up giving first round approval to the scraps of the bill remaining.

– Missouri Digital News